Why I'm Afraid of Deedlit

It's her ears.  They're far too long, and far too pointy.  I'm afraid she's going to turn around quickly and put one of the other character's eyes out.  Probably Parn. I suppose it's the risk he runs, snuggling with an elf, but really.  There's no reason for them to be that long! I mean . . . well, have you seen them?  They're as long as daggers, and at least as sharp.  I think she should have to register them as deadly weapons.  Seriously, if Parn starts sporting an eyepatch, I won't have to wonder why.

And even if her ears weren't a danger -- which they are -- those shoulder guards of hers are also incorrectly proportioned.  If she doesn't stab you with her ear, it's only because you got close enough to be a casualty of her shoulder pads.

Now, don't get me wrong:  I really do like Lodoss War. It's just that whenever they're all standing close together, I start to fear for the non-elf members of the party.  I find the elongated ears to be an incredible distraction.  I've watched other anime which featured elves, and they didn't have ears like Deedlit's. Those Who Hunt Elves is a good example.  Every once in awhile one of the animators gets carried away, and we have Ears of Death, but generally the elves have reasonably-sized hearing appendages.  Maybe it's because the other series came after Lodoss, and they learned from their mistakes . . . but Deedlit is back in the Lodoss War TV series, and I don't think they shaved even a hair off the length of her ears.

I just hope Parn knows what he's in for, getting involved with Deedlit.  Elves are wonderful people; this isn't a racial commentary.  He just better have really fast reflexes, that's all I'm saying.

Sekihara Tae
May 16, 1999