Crazy Little Thing Called Love
Words and music by Freddie Mercury

On a relatively slow day at the Kitty in the House flower shop, Yohji stood behind the counter, leaning on his elbows and smoking a cigarette as he amused himself by watching Omi attempt to cope with yet another gaggle of schoolgirl admirers.

"Having a hard time, isn't he?" Ken remarked, jumping up on the counter beside Yohji and leaning back to rest his weight on his hands.

"Only if you consider being popular with the ladies a problem," Yohji laughed in response. "Personally, I don't."

Aya -- lounging against the counter with arms folded across his chest in an almost -- but not quite -- disapproving fashion, arched a sardonic eyebrow. "You might not, but something tells me Omi-kun does."

As the redhead spoke, the object of their speculation finally managed to extricate himself from the clutches of his gushing fans, shooing them on their way in his typically friendly fashion. Only after they left did he allow the strain of their affections to show, collapsing against the counter and sliding to the floor as music suddenly began to play. "This thing called love I just can't handle it," he sang, looking up at the others. "This thing called love I must get round to it -- I ain't ready!" The protest was plaintive, the youngest Weiss member raising his voice slightly before hanging his head and shaking it back and forth in a hopeless fashion. "Crazy little thing called love."

Straightening from his slouch, Yohji took his cigarette out of his mouth and offered his opinion -- Aya and Ken chiming in with their two cents after every few words. "This thing (this thing) called love (called love) it cries (like a baby) in a cradle all night." Omi's eyes widened at that observation, his head swinging back and forth between the other members of Weiss as they sang. "It swings (woo woo) it jives (woo woo) it shakes all over like a jelly fish--" Yohji waggled his fingers in imitation, prompting laughter from his teammates, "-- I kinda like it!" Putting his cigarette back in his mouth he resumed his position slumped against the counter, "Crazy little thing called love."

Straightening, Aya pointed out the window as Sakura strolled by, smiling as she waved at him. "There goes my baby. She knows how to Rock'n'Roll. She drives my crazy." Running a hand through his hair, he glanced at the others before confiding, "She gives me hot and cold fever, then she leaves me in a cool cool sweat." Blushing as the others laughed, he propped himself against the counter again, relaxing a little when Omi turned expectantly to Ken.

The former soccer player adjusted the fit of his jacket and smoothed his hair. "I gotta be cool... relax... get hip! Get on my tracks. Take a back seat... hitch hike..." Dropping the pretense he smiled sheepishly, then confessed, "...and take a long ride on my motor bike until I'm ready." He shrugged one shoulder, then concluded, "Crazy little thing called love."

As the words died away, three young girls walked into the shop, giggling at the sight of Omi crouching on the floor. Their amusement brought him back to his feet in an instant, flushed with embarrassment. He reluctantly crossed the floor to wait on them only after Ken gave him a little push in their direction, prompting a feminine squeal of delight. Relieved that they were as easily satisfied as the rest of his faithful following, he soon sent them on their way. There was a brief moment of silence after the bell jingled behind them, signaling their exit, and then Omi picked up the conversation where Ken had left off. Grinning, the other three began clapping as he sang: "I gotta be cool... relax... get hip! Get on my tracks. Take a back seat... hitch hike... and take a long ride on my motor bike...until I'm ready-"

Ken slapped Omi on the back as he, Aya, and Yohji echoed the thought, "Ready Omi!"

"Crazy little thing called love."

Separating, Aya, Ken, and Yohji moved around the store, clapping in rhythm as they adjusted plants on the shelves and cleaned up in preparation for closing, all the while continuing to back up Omi as he sang.

"This thing called love I just can't handle it.
This thing called love I must get round to it.
I ain't ready!
Crazy little thing called love...
Crazy little thing called love (yeah yeah).
Crazy little thing called love (yeah yeah)..."

Faint applause interrupted their impromptu performance as it came to a close, and the boys looked around to find Manx standing in the doorway. "Tell me," she asked, trying not to laugh, "do you do this often?"

Gulping, the four looked at one another, and offered the only thing they could.

"Crazy little thing called love."

Sekihara Tae
September, 28 2000