About Tae

What I look like.  No, really!
Real Name: Jen
Nicknames: J, E, Mercenary Wretch, Naked Truth, Tae
Age: 38 (No, that's not too old for anime!)
Cohabitation: Married! We also have a dog.
Education: Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics; magna cum laude graduate.
Employment: Wanna-be author. If I get published, will you buy my book? ^^; Please?
Hobbies: What, you mean aside from maintaining the Akabeko and writing fanfiction? Well, of course anime is up there at the top of the list somewhere, along with reading -- fantasy and a little science fiction -- cooking and singing.  I'm also into Jpop far more than my meager understanding warrants (WHAT ARE THEY SAYING?!).
Favorite Anime/Manga: Since RK is the obvious answer, let's just go with the runners up, ne? Fushigi Yuugi was my favorite until I discovered RK, and I still really like Watase Yuu's art. I'm also fond of CLAMP -- anything CLAMP.

Other series I'm partial to include Kodocha -- God, Sana's a scream! -- Shamanic Princess -- absolutely gorgeous artwork -- and almost anything sword-and-sorcerish, so long as it's not pointlessly ecchi.

Current Obsession: Final Fantasy VII.  Particularly Advent Children.   I am now a devout Cloud/Tifa shipper.